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We at Memphis Catholic wish to send our prayers and condolences to the family of Mrs. Mimi Uhlman.  We have deeply missed her presence on campus for the last year.  Her dedication to Memphis Catholic was tremendous both through the Education That Works program and in general student support.  During her time here, she spearheaded securing student internships and aided in keeping the Education That Works program strong.  As one of our staff members put it, she was a champion of the school and the students.

We are thankful that she no longer has to suffer and will continue to keep her and her family in our prayers.

May we all continue to strive to make the impact she did, and may God continue to watch over us with a new angel at His side…

The link below is to her obituary which has specifics about visitation and funeral arrangements.!/Obituary


About Education That Works

Education That Works® is a corporate internship program that is fully integrated into the curriculum at Memphis Catholic High School. Through the Education That Works® program, our students’ educations are extended beyond classroom teaching to include real-world, corporate internship assignments, which provide a unique opportunity for our students to be exposed to the work environment that they will enter after college.

By partnering with local business and not-for-profit organizations, the Education That Works® program is changing the face of education in Memphis.

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Since its founding in 1922, Memphis Catholic has firmly believed that the most exhilarating environment for learning includes not only discipline and challenge, but also a loving and supportive faculty, intent on cultivating knowledge and conscientious advancement of the students. Educating our students well is at the core of our efforts.


Student Life

Memphis Catholic strives to impart knowledge and build self-confidence in an environment conducive to the betterment of self and the deepening of civic duty. We nurture the development of spiritual identity and Christian discipleship through service to God and others, and prepare our students for success by providing Education That Works.



As the school continues to serve the young people of Memphis today, we are very aware of the great traditions which have come before. Our hope is that this site can be a source of happy memories and, hopefully, help facilitate re-engaging you and your classmates in the critical work of the preparing the next generation for the future.